Established by Land Grant in 1821
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1823 ~ 2023

In 2023, the Black Homestead house located two miles west of Carrollton, Illinois will be 200 years old. From the time it was built by Margaret Hobson Black in 1823 to the present, ownership of the house has remained in the Black family. The Black Homestead is among the oldest continually-occupied houses in Illinois.

We are planning a reunion of the descendants of Margaret Hobson Black as well as those of three of her brothers, James Hobson, William Hobson and Robert Hobson to celebrate the bicentennial of the house. Margaret, James and Robert, their families and their brother William's son, immigrated from England and settled in Greene County, Illinois in 1822. The Bicentennial Reunion will be held at the Black Homestead Farm during the summer or fall of 2023.

Reunions of the Black and Hobson families are a tradition that go way back. In 1874, one such occasion was hosted by Thomas Black and his wife Martha at the Black Homestead to mark 50 years (a smidge late) since the families immigrated from England and settled in Greene County, Illinois. In attendance were all the surviving members of that party.

A similiar get-together was held in 1923 to commemorate 100 years. It was hosted by Margaret's grandson Robert Thomas Black and his wife Eva.

Attendees of the Bicentennial Reunion in 2023 will get to tour the house and farm where Margaret Hobson Black and her children lived after coming to America in 1822. The reunion will also serve as an opportunity to network and share genealogical information. You could meet some distant cousins! If you are a descendant of Margaret Hobson Black, or a descendant of Margaret's brothers James Hobson, William Hobson or Robert Hobson (or if you know someone who is), please send your contact information to Steve Black at so we can build a descendants database.
First and foremost, the date of the Bicentennial Reunion must be set. We're thinking it will take place in the summer or fall of 2023. There are pros and cons for both summer and fall pertaining to weather conditions, school schedules, holidays, etc., so please help us decide on the exact date by sharing your thoughts and preferences. We want the yard to be packed with Black/Hobson relatives! Contact Steve Black at

This is a working list of other logistics:
  •         Publicity (TV coverage?)
  •         Involve the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and the local historical society
  •         Speaker
  •         People in period attire and old-time music
  •         Tours of the house
  •         Group photo
  •         Handout on history of farm and house
  •         Tents in yard for activities or special demonstrations
  •         Facebook page
  •         Governor's proclamation
  •         Time capsule

We want the Bicentennial Reunion to be truly memorable and meaningful for all attendees. If you have any ideas to share or if you can help with any of the logistics listed above, please contact Steve Black at
To help you determine if you are related to the Blacks and/or Hobsons who settled in Greene County, Illinois in 1822, please refer to the following list of the known children and grandchildren of Margaret Hobson Black, James Hobson, William Hobson and Robert Hobson.


MARGARET HOBSON (1771-1854), married William Black

     1. John Black (1803-1823), unmarried, no children

     2. David Black (1805-1875), married Mary Tribble, Mahala Garrison

                    By 1st Wife
                    Edward Drew Black (1843-1872), unmarried, no children

                    By 2nd Wife
                    Angeline Black (1846-1904), married John Abraham Bowman, 5 children
                    Orville Edgar Black (1848-1867), unmarried, no children
                    John Thomas Black (1850-    ), married Emeline Woodman, 6 children
                    James Black (1851), died in infancy
                    George Washington Black (1853-1866), unmarried, no children
                    David Meade Black (1856-    ), married Maggie Kinsey
                    Caroline "Carrie" Black (1857-1923), married John Wesley Walker, 9 children
                    William Henry Black (1858-1902), married Anna Chorn
                    Charles Clinton Black (1859-1937), married Dora Bradley, 4 children
                    Emaline Frances Black (1861-1930), married Frank Dugan
                    Elizabeth Black (1864-    )
                    Albert Lee Black (1866), died in infancy
                    Mary Etna Black (1869-    )

     3. William Black (1807-1886), married Catherine Woodman

                    John Washington Black (1831-1895), married Delihah Early, 5 children
                    Catherine Margaret Black (1832-1913), married Curtis W. Brace, 1 child
                    Henry Black (1835-1878), unmarried, no children
                    Alice Emaline Black (1849-1917), married James Cullimore, 2 children
                    Oscar Black, died in infancy
                    James Black, died in infancy
                    Charles Black, died in infancy
                    Orville Black, died in infancy

     4. Thomas Black (1810-1895), married Adela E. Russell, Cornelia Porter Wood, Martha Ellen Robinson

                    By 1st Wife
                    William Armstrong Black (1835-1916), married Katherine "Kate" Bowman, 5 children
                    Helen Myrtilla Black (1836), died in infancy
                    Edwin Russell Black (1839), died in infancy

                    By 2nd Wife
                    Henry Clay Black (1844-1865)
                    George Edwin Black (1846-    ), married Mrs. Mary E. Wonnell Maxwell, no children
                    Charles Albert Black (1848-1931), married Mrs. Maggie Rowe
                    Harriet "Hattie" Russell Black (1849-1936), married Charles W. Keeley, 2 children
                    Adela Myrtilla "Addie" Black (1858-1919), married Arthur Thomas Secor, 5 children
                    Kent Wood Black (1862-1933), married Idaho May Keeley, no children

                    By 3rd Wife
                    Russell Gregory Black (1872-1932), married Cora Fitzgerald, no children
                    Ella Louisa Black (1874-1949), married Richard Newton Angle, 3 children
                    Robert Thomas Black (1876-1961), married Lucy Eva Barnett, 4 children

     5. Elizabeth Black (1810-1881), married John Ward, John Hobson

                    By 1st Husband
                    William John Ward (1834-1860), married Fannie Greene

                    By 2nd Husband
                    Edward Bower Hobson (1843-1923), married Emma Elliot, 3 children


JAMES HOBSON (1765-1839), married Elizabeth Goldsmith

     1. Peter Hobson (1804-1884), married Mary Chorn

                    James Edward Hobson (1850-1857)
                    John Thomas Hobson (1853-1921), married Mary E. Black, Mary Belle Wood, 4 children
                    William Goldsmith Hobson (1855-1857)
                    Robert Hodson (1858-1893), unmarried, no children
                    George Hobson (1861-1952), married Mary Jane Jarman
                    Charles P. Hobson (1866-1915), married Maggie Bradley, 2 children
                    William S. Hobson (1868-1939), married Jessie Mungall

     2. John Hobson (1807-1855), married Mrs. Elizabeth Black Ward
                    Edward Bower Hobson (1843-1923), married Emma Elliot, Dora Davis, 3 children (1st wife)

     3. Thomas Hobson (1809-1881), married Catherine Chorn, Elizabeth Ann Tribble

By 1st Wife
                    James E. Hobson (1842-1890)
                    Peter John Hobson (1845-1881), married Effie C. Cannaday, 2 children

                    By 2nd Wife
                    Elizabeth Goldsmith Hobson (1858-1940), married Richard E. Ward
                    Mary Oliver Hobson (1875), died in infancy

     4. Robert Hobson (1814-1882), married Mary Crane

                    Jennie M. Hobson (1848-1928), married Charles Scott Smith, 3 children
                    Charles R. Hobson (1852-    )
                    Anna Hobson (1858-1907), married Leslie Cross

     5. Mary Hobson (1815-    )

     6. Jane Hobson (1816-1863), married William Sowerby

WILLIAM HOBSON (1767-    ), married ?, stayed in England
     1. Charles F. Hobson (    -    ), came to America with Margaret in 1822

     2. Peter John Hobson (ca.1790-    ), married Eliza Denny, came to America with uncle Robert Hobson

ROBERT HOBSON (1785-1823), married ?, came to America in 1820 to buy land

     1. John T. Hobson (1816-1894), married Jane Ann Hastings

                    Florence Jane Hobson (1856-1939), married Edmund Kells
                    Mary Hobson (1854-    )                   
                    John Barnfather Hobson (1859-1930)
                    Walter Edmund Hobson (1867-1950), married ?, 4 children

     2. Jane Hobson (    -    ), married George Nichol

Other siblings of Margaret Hobson Black, James Hobson, William Hobson and Robert Hobson:
(all stayed in England)

John Hobson (1768-    )
Mary Hobson (1769-1851), married John Graham
Peter Hobson (1773), died in infancy
Thomas Hobson (1774), died in infancy
Nathan Hobson (1776), died in infancy
Jane Hobson (1778-    )
Nancy Hobson (1780), stillborn
Nancy Hobson (1782), stillborn
Nancy Hobson (1784), died in infancy

As plans for the Bicentennial Reunion progress and are finalized, the details will be posted on this page. Be sure to check back often!

Robert is the tall man in the center, back row. Eva is standing to Robert's right.